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My Emergency Department Scrapbook

My Emergency Department Scrapbook was first created in 2010.  Norton Children's in Louisville KY was looking for a way to improve their customer satisfaction scores while they had extended wait times in their Emergency Department.  This resource is used as a medical coping tool to assist a child with the Emergency Department.   It provides interactive activities, self-expression, and an educational resource in a documented scrapbook of their ED visit.  In the center of scrapbook is a page of stickers.

No two ED books are the same as each hospital creates their own unique page content by selecting an 8 or 16 page activity book from our 120+ pages of content in our data base.  This database of activity pages is a culmination of ideas from Child Life Specialists spanning the past 10 years with ideas and input.

One of the more unique features of this scrapbook is that every hospital has the ability to personalize their covers that will include a welcome letter and if funding via a 3rd party donor we will include information about this organization to provide the recognition they deserve.  Hospitals have also incorporated a page of comfort positions to communicate to families the correct way to hold a child.


Pricing will vary depending on quantity and number of pages.  Give us a call to inquire about pricing or if you would like to see some sample books we can send out a kit.   


Hold your cursor over the covers above to view our standard 120+ pages of content that can be incorporated into creating your own personalized ED Book.  We can also include any page you may have as well as if you have a flyer or activity page you currently use as a one off sheet.


Having access will require a password  (, send us an email and we will give you access to the details of the scrapbook. 

(sorry no student access to the pages)

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