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My Hospital Scrapbook®

My Hospital Scrapbook® is our first book that was created and launched in 2008.  This resource is used as a medical coping tool to assist a child with the hospital environment.   It provides interactive activities, self-expression, and an educational resource in a documented scrapbook of their hospital visit.  In the center of the scrapbook is a page of stickers.  It may also include a back pocket to hold additional journal pages or get well cards.  

This book is available using our standard 40 pages or some hospitals have customized the inside pages to create their own, 16, 24, or 40 page version of our initial scrapbook.  Some of the 16 page versions have been incorporated to support Outpatient Surgery needs for a hospital.  We now have over 80+ pages to select from and have had over 100+ hospitals incorporate this book into their healing process.  One of the more unique features of this scrapbook is that every hospital has the ability to personalize their covers that will include a welcome letter and if funding via a 3rd party donor we will include information about this organization to provide the recognition they deserve.  


Pricing will vary depending on quantity and number of pages.  Give us a call to inquire about pricing.


Put your cursor over the covers above and you can link to view our standard 40 page My Hospital Scrapbook® format.  It will require a password so send us an email and we will give you access to the details of the scrapbook.  

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