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Are you a potential sponsor/corporation looking to get involved with challenges children face at pediatric facilities?

Over 70% of our 150 hospitals have worked with a sponsor/donor to help fund these dynamic resources.  This relationship helps where hospitals don't have the budget dollars to offer this educational coping resource.  They're a few ways to get involved and for your generous donations you can get the recognition you deserve by allowing Medical Memories to incorporate your brand into the content of the scrapbook.  Donors will often get involved working directly with your local children's hospital development/foundation arm or call us direct and we will help coordinate the process.  Funds can be allocated to support the department focused area you prefer or just make an overall contribution and we will work with the Child Life Department to adjust the resources to cover multiple disciplines from inpatient, ED, Sibling, NICU or outpatient surgery.

Branding can include as little or as much as the partnership with the hospital will allow.  Some hospitals are now incorporating the branding of the organizations logo into the activity pages.  Recently the Panda Cares foundation assisted Los Angeles Children's Hospital to have a panda bear logo with a stethoscope incorporated into their new My Emergency Department Scrapbooks.

Bring your brand direct to the families and at the same time provide a proven medical resource that will provide educational content direct to the children.  

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