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My Sibling Scrapbook™

SuperSibs! and Medical Memories worked together to develop this dynamic resource.  The content and layout of our 40 pages is designed to support all siblings.  It does not matter if their sibling is battling cancer, long or short stay at the hospital, or having cardiac challenges, this resources provides a reminder how fragile all our children are and that siblings need the support as well.


This activity scrapbook will help a sibling cope with their journey.  Call today to get more information.  Click the cover and gain access to view the content of this resource.  Having access will require a password, send us an email ( and we will give you access to the details of the scrapbook. 

  • Available as a stock book in cartons of 50 books per box or order as a custom option to personalize the welcome letter and include your hospital logo.

  • As Low as $7.00/Book.


Listen to what others are saying about this new resource.



NEW Lower pricing

"My Sibling Scrapbook™ is an invaluable therapeutic resource for children. It provides a wonderful outlet for siblings to cope with their own unique feelings associated with their brother or sister's illness or hospitalization. My Sibling Scrapbook recognizes the very personal and special journey that sibling face when dealing with an ill family member. It enables siblings to have an outlet to tell their own story during the hospital experience. My Sibling Scrapbook adds a tremendously effective layer to the emotional support services that siblings receive in the Lemieux Sibling Center at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh."

Sarah L. Miedel, MS, CCLSChild Life CoordinatorLemieux Sibling CenterChildren's Hospital of Pittsburgh

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