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My Hospital Scrapbook - Outpatient

My Hospital Scrapbook® - can be customized to create a version for your outpatient needs.  Our outpatient version is either 8,16, or 24 pages. These customized selections are being used to support outpatient surgery or outpatient clinics.

Hospitals will customize  the inside pages to create their own version of the hospital scrapbook.  We now have over 80+ pages to select from and you have the flexibility to create your own version.  One of the more unique features of this scrapbook is that every hospital has the ability to personalize your covers that will include a welcome letter and if funding via a 3rd party donor we will include information about this organization to provide the recognition they deserve.  


Pricing will vary depending on quantity and number of pages.  Give us a call to inquiry about pricing.


Click on the covers to view our 80+ pages available to create your own outpatient- My Hospital Scrapbook® . You will need a password, send us an email and we will give you access to the details of the scrapbook.

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