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When you customize your own scrapbook you have the flexibility to also write your own welcome letter.  Please see the link below for some example letters.  As you are developing your new scrapbook with the Medical Memories team send a word document as an attachment once you complete the letter.   A few things to note as you create your own letter:

  • If you are creating a version of your book in Spanish, don't forget to have your letter translated and send a second corresponding word document.

  • Include copies of all logos required for this page, not only the hospital logo but for any sponsors that may be recognized if you are using a 3rd party for funding the program.

  • We will also include a paragraph recognizing the donor below the welcome letter.  If this has not already been written please provide.  Don't forget to also include in Spanish....if necessary.

  • Signature; the person who is at the bottom of the welcome letter can vary coming from the Child Life Staff, to ED Director, or CEO of the hospital.  If you are going to want their 'signature' at the bottom of this document we will need a separate art file of their signature to place within the letter. 

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