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My Hospital Scrapbook®

A New Resource for Children of Adult Patients!


A trip to the hospital can be a frightening ordeal for anyone, but especially so for a child when it involves the health of a parent or loved one. The hospital can be an unfamilar place for a child and when it is dealing with the health of the person taking care of them, it can add extra feeling of the unknown. This is why we created a new version of our popular My Hospital Scrapbook® for children with ill adults. This book focuses on helping the child understand what the adult may be going through during their time at the hospital.


Developed with Miller Children's Hospital and other medical professionals, this book emotionally prepares a child to better cope with visiting the hospital. Explaining to the child that the hospital is the best place for the adult to be to get the care that is required for their loved one. Whether this is a temporary illness or one that will deliver emotionally a potential tragic outcome the content contains insight for the child to better cope with this environment.


This new resource is available as a stock item.  Click the cover to the right to view our book or the tab above for our order form.  In the center of the scrapbook is a new sticker sheet visually showing a hospital room.


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